Al Jazeera Shipping Agencies
Ship Husbanding Agencies

1 Agency Services
Vessel Husbanding
Clearance in/Out
2 Supply of Fresh Water
Potable Water alongside Ex-Jetty
Potable Water by Road Tanker
Potable water by Barge (Minimum Quantity 100 MT)
3 Garbage Removal - Domestic / Non-Hazardous
Collection / Removal / Disposal of Trash from Vessel to Disposal Area
Note: This is compulsory service provided by the Port Authority
Hire of Garbage Skip
Removal / Emptying of Skip when full
4 Garbage / Solid Waste Removal - Hazardous
By Skip Transportation
Oily Rags / Pain Drums
Oily Sludge
5 Sewage Removal by Vacuum Tanker
Per Load of 2000 / 4000 / Gallons - Per Trip
Tanker Standby - normal time allowed for loading is 6 hours from arrival of the tanker at the vessel.
Beyond standby time, charges will be applicable per 24 hours or part thereof
6 Waste Oil & Aggregated Water Removal by Using Vacuum Tanker
Per Load of 2000 / 4000 Gallons - Minimum quantity should be 20 CBM
7 Bus Services
14-Seater Bus
34-Seater Bus
34-Seater Bus
50-Seater Bus
8 Vehicle for Commanding Officer W/Chauffeur
Medium Class Sedan Car (Sedan, Camry, Accord, Altima)
9 Large Class Sedan Car (Chevrolet, Caprice, Audi)
10 Landline Connection
11 Personnel Transfer
Landing Permit
Exit Stamp for crew Member
Meet & Assist Crew Member
Transportation for Crew Members from Airport to Seaport
Transportation for Crew Members from Seaport to Airport
12 Marine/Port Services
Pilot for Inward & Outward Movement
Tug Towage per Tug per hour or part thereof
Pilot Launch
Mooring Launch
Berthing / Unberthing Movements
Line Handlers
13 Hiring of Yokohama Fenders
1.0M DIA X 2.0M LONG
2.0M DIA X 3.5M LONG
2.5M DIA X 5.5M LONG
3.3M DIA X 6.5M LONG
14 Arranging Force Protection
Containers on Jetty Side - 40' Containers
Mob / Demob of Containers
Lift On / Lift Off Arm at the Gate
Port Security Guard at Entrance
Force Protection Boom at Ship's Overside into Waters
De-contamination of Boom
Rubber Boat Hire
15 Mobile Phones with International Dialing (Bills at Actual by Local Telecommunications
16 Hiring of Gangways (Brows)
20 Foot Brow
30 Foot Brow
40 Foot Brow
60 Foot Brow
17 Mobilization / Demobilization
Hiring of Crane
100 Ton Capacity
120 Ton Capacity
160 Ton Capacity
200 Ton Capacity
225 Ton Capacity
300 Ton Capacity
400 Ton Capacity
500 Ton Capacity
18 Hiring of Forklift
2 to 5 Tonnes
6 to 12 Tonnes
13 to 25 Tonnes
Over 25 Tonnes
19 Hiring of 25 Mtr Cherrypecker - without driver
20 Airfreighted Cargo / Mail collection
21 Ship's Airfreighted Stores /Spares - Clearance and Delivery
22 Anchorage Services - Hiring of Launch, Crew Liberty Transfer
23 Bunkering Services

Associated Companies
  • AJMS
  • FFC