Al Jazeera Shipping Agencies

Since the early 1990’s, AJSA has been a husbanding agent for most of the NATO naval vessels worldwide from the GCC, Middle East, Europe, Africa Indian Subcontinent, and South America with offices and representatives in the aforementioned areas. Besides the naval ships, AJSA also provides a wide range of logistical and support services for ground troops.

The services provided by AJSA are vast ranging from fuel supply, port clearance, diplomatic clearance, supplying power generators, waste disposal, spare parts logistics, providing accommodation, transport, rest, relaxation, and everything else a naval ship and its crew may require at any port of call.

AJSA has earned the highest reputation amongst the world’s navies for being one of the most efficient and reliable agents in the region. Furthermore, AJSA is run by a highly professional and dedicated team providing the very best service in the field.

AJSA committed to achieving and maintaining excellence. AJSA adopts a rigorous Quality Management System designed to systematically ensure high quality services while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Internal Business Processes. Certified to the ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management Standard, AJSA provides services that meet customer requirements to their utmost satisfaction.
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